NotCinderella is the unapologetic and irreverent Un-Princess-ing movement driven by open-minds and fearless lives. It is an online platform for progressive fire-starting women who refuse to squeeze our feet into outdated ideas about God, love, femininity, career, and happily ever after. NotCinderella is about freedom.

It is about defining your own happy. It’s about writing your own story. And picking your own shoes.



 Have you ever googled: “Quotes About Being A Princess?” Because we have. Then we clicked on Images. A rather disturbing trend amongst the memes, gifs, and “inspirational” quotes was noticed right away: the majority of the pink cute, princess-y images were about men. Getting one. Keeping one. Waiting for THE one. Deciding between different ones.  And a  grotesque amount of Prince Charming worship. One of the worse: 

“Inside Every Confident Woman is a Scared Princess Waiting to be Saved.” 

  What?! Like….Seriously? 

 What’s so wrong with being a princess? For one, all of the focus is on the prince. One would think in the day and age where Google is a thing these thoughts and ideas would not exist. But they do. And it’s not just coming from the men. It is being perpetuated by us. 

 And to be clear: This is not the EMPOWERING type of Princess. This is not butt-kicking Egyptian princesses or Warrior Princesses of Greece. This is a pathetic, European, puritanical, patriarchal, and yes DANGEROUS type of princess ideology that is keeping us right where we claim we don’t want to be: waiting for a man to define us.  

Since before we could speak, the typical American girl is told she’s a princess. Not a doctor. Not an engineer. Not a governor, senator, computer programmer or even a super-heroine. But a princess. The truth is it couldn’t be further from the truth. Furthermore, we are shoving ourselves into societal shoes we’ve been trying to abandon for hundreds of years: 

We are not defined by our marital status. 

We are not defined by our ability to procreate. 

We are not defined by who our fathers are. 

We do NOT have to wait for marriage or for someone to die

to access our power. 

So why would we want the label? 

You are not a princess. You are a dream-crushing limitations-smashing WARRIOR.  Or whatever the hell you want to be.

Bottom line: The crown is a shackle. Its prize is a sham. Its association with beauty and femininity is a patriarchy-produced lie. And its glory is NOT enough for us.  

It’s time to Un-Princess yourself. Join Us. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations on launching your movement. I wish you mush success and send positive, inspiring, and Christ centered energy your way. God Bless! Your gift will make room and seat you before great men. #BridgingVisions – Danielle (a friend of your mother)


    1. Dez says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words!


  2. Kiwana Francis says:

    Beautifully stated!


    1. Dez says:

      Thank you!


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